Lib Dems fight central library privitisation

Cllr Ian Manning was one of nine Lib Dem Cllrs who have fought back against UKIP and Tory backed plans to privitise part of Cambridge Central Library.

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Shahida takes action on Tesco pavement

Isn’t the pavement outside Tesco Express steep?
For anyone who is less mobile – wheelchair users, those who are infirm for example – it’s
really dangerous, especially in cold weather.
Lib Dem campaigner, and City Council Candidate Shahida Rahman, is trying to help Cllr Ian Manning try and get this sorted out – will you sign to support her?
Her petition is at: .
Shahida said:  “Ian was trying to work with Labour’s City Cllr to get this improved – so I was shocked when he told me she’s just given up, after being told by a Highways officer it would be expensive.
I firmly believe cost should not come before safety, and that we shouldn’t give up so
easily! I agree with Ian that Tesco should be bearing part of the cost to level the
pavement off – after all they will profit from people being able to get to the store
more safely.”

Lib Dems fight for family facing eviction but unable to move

A Cambridge family claim they are “stuck in limbo” threatened with eviction but unable to move.

Mrs Judah Devoreaux has packed away all her belongings after being told her home is to be demolished.

She wants to move to get her six-year-old twins settled into a new school but she claims Cambridge City Council won’t allow her priority housing status. And she says to “add insult to injury” her rent has been increased.

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have called on Labour to act as a matter of urgency and allow the family to be given priority status.

“The rent increase was the final kick in the face,” said Mrs Devoreaux from her home in Eastfield, East Chesterton. “Why raise the rents on houses that are going to be knocked down? That adds insult to injury.

“I am seriously thinking of going back to Bermuda where I have family because I just want to get out of this place now. Vacant homes have been advertised on Homelink but I can’t apply for them even though I’m going to be evicted.”

Forty homes owned by housing association, Hundred Homes are to be demolished but no date has been set yet.

Tenants living in the houses have been told they will have to leave but as they have not been given a firm date they cannot get Band A priority status to apply for alternative rental homes through Homelink.

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have taken up Mrs Deveraux’s case and claim Labour are refusing to listen to the tenants’ plight.

They raised the issue at the recent Cambridge City Council meeting asking Cllr Kevin Price, Executive Councillor for Housing what progress he had made helping tenants. But he refused to answer.

Lib Dem campaigner, Shahida Rahman said: “This family needs to have a chance to relocate to a new home as a matter of priority, but Labour is failing to help them or other tenants in the same situation.

“When Labour was in opposition they were quick to criticise council policy; now they are in a position to take action they are doing nothing.”


Consultation continues on draft proposals for a new bridge over the river Cam between Abbey and Chesterton.

As part of the planned growth in Cambridge City, Cambridgeshire County Council is considering creating a new foot and cycle bridge to link Abbey and Chesterton wards. This will provide an alternative route to get to the Science and Business Parks as well as the new railway station.

An initial consultation was held in Summer 2014 following which Council Officers have been working with a group of local stakeholders to look at how this scheme may be successfully delivered.

The next of these stakeholder events is due to be held on the 25 February at Barnwell Baptist Church at 6pm and is open to the public. The event will comprise of a series of short presentations followed by some breakout sessions where there will be an opportunity to ask Project Officers questions.

County Councillor Ian Manning, who represents East Chesterton ward said: “We need to make it as easy as possible to get from A to B in Cambridge, without having to rely on private cars: this new bridge will provide a vital link from the Newmarket Road area to the new station, and crucially will lessen the chances of East Chesterton being clogged up with commuter parking.

“This will be a pedestrian and cycle bridge, and is especially vital for less mobile residents, for whom getting to the new station via the Green Dragon bridge could add significantly to their journey to the station.”

“My amendment last year has ensured residents will be further consulted, and the ideas developed with the community, and I’m looking forward to letting residents feedback directly to the architect we’ll be using.”

A bridge is anticipated to cost over £4m and will be paid for by funds from the Department for Transport’s Cycle City Ambition, developer contributions and City Deal monies



A plan for a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists around Cambridge’s Science Park station is in the hands of Network Rail.

The scheme would involve allowing cyclists to ride along a disused network rail access track, leaving Cowley Road pavements clear for pedestrians.

But Network Rail have still not committed to the project and Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Ian Manning will push for a decision at North Area Committee this evening (Thursday, February 12).

Cambridgeshire County Council has received a promise of Government funding for the work but the offer was in danger of expiring.

Clr Manning stepped in and brokered an extension to keep the money on the table and the county council has offered to carry out the required work. But they are still waiting for Network Rail to give its go-ahead for the project .

Cllr Manning, who represents East Chesterton and has been involved with the rail project since being elected in 2010, said: “We’ve known for a long time the old network rail access track would give an excellent route to the new station. Through a lot of negotiation we’ve managed to get this funding extension from the Department for Transport – now network rail need allow use of this land.”

He worked on an agreement between Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge City Council and the developer to look at the alternative access through Cowley Road to keep pedestrians and cyclists away from heavy goods vehicles, and keep pedestrians away from cyclists.

The County Council can deliver the route, or pay for a Network Rail contractor to deliver it.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be put at risk as they are forced to use an area close to heavy traffic if this does not go ahead,” said Cllr Manning. “Network Rail haven’t used this track for decades – they now need to let us make this change the ideal way.”

County Council Services over the Christmas Period

Over the festive period Cambridgeshire County Council staff will be working and on call to supporting our communities.

Social Services staff will be on duty and care will continue to be delivered over the Christmas and New Year period.

Highway Teams will also be on standby to grit the roads, deal with emergencies and help out partners such as the Police to keep Cambridgeshire on the move. The Council’s Emergency Management Team are also on standby in case they are needed.

Park and Ride have had Christmas helpers in since the start of December to help people get their buses, pay for parking and even carry the odd large present.

Recycling centres and Libraries will be open at various times around the Christmas and New Year time too as well as various Public Health services.

There will be no Camquit clinics or phone service on 25 or 26 December or 1 January, and a reduced schedule between 24 December to 2 January. All services resume as normal on 5 January.

Sexual health clinics are only closed on the bank holidays and more information can be found at Appointments for all clinics can be made by calling 0300 300 3030 then press 2 for Cambridgeshire.

Both the EnergiZe and CHiP programmes will resume the weeks of 5 January for EnergiZe and the 27 January for CHiP. The contact line 01480 376300 continues to be available through-out December and January for booking on to any of our Spring sessions.

For the full list of opening times for services and contact numbers go to

Speeding at the High Street/ Green End Road Mini-Roundabout

After a serious incident back in August, Ian was contacted about dangerous driving around the mini roundabout at the junction of the High Street, Green End Road and Water Lane.
This is an especially bad area for dangerous driving due to the close proximity of Whitefriars, as well as the nearby bus stop.
Local campaigner Shahida Rahman explains:  “Ian and I have request CCTV to be deployed temporarily in the area to collect evidence of dangerous driving.

CCTV is a tool which should be used in moderation, and can sometimes do more harm than good; however in this case, looking for a specific crime, we feel it
could help.

We’re pleased to say our request has been granted, and the cameras will go up around the end of November. Depending on other requests they could stay up as long as January 2015.”