Met office weather warning: 60-70mph winds

An area of low pressure is developing in the Atlantic (storm Barney) and will move across northern parts of the UK later tomorrow (Tuesday). As a result the wind over the East of England will strengthen significantly and for a short time it will be very strong as the low pressure steadily crosses to the north during the late part of Tuesday afternoon and evening before heading off out to sea tomorrow night. Accompanying the wind will be outbreaks of rain but this will move through quickly driven by the wind.

Highest gusts are likely to be in the region of 60 to 70 mph blowing from the west or northwest.

Driving is likely to be a challenge and there will be some impacts such as trees being blown down, loose slates becoming dislodged, rubbish being blown around, light garden furniture being lifted.

Looking further ahead there is the potential for a northerly wind to set in towards the weekend and this will definitely give a bite to the air with temperatures significantly lower than we have seen recently

MET office weather alert

For the East of England, the warmest of the UK’s summer weather over the next few days or so is expected to be reserved for the Eastern region.

Temperatures in some places on Saturday could reach the low 30s Celsius. However, the flip side to these hot temperatures is that they could be high enough to trigger some thunderstorms.

At this stage, the areas at highest risk of thunderstorms is focussed on Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and much of Bedfordshire, along western parts Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

These areas are now covered by a Met Office Alert valid from 14:00 to 21:00 on Saturday.

In some locations, thunderstorms could drop more than 30mm of rain in less than a hour with the risk of surface water flooding, hail, very gusty winds and frequent lightning.   The thunderstorm activity will, as is often the case, be localised.

Any thunderstorms should slowly ease and clear during Saturday evening.

Flood warning this weekend

The Met Office have issued a “yellow” flood warning for this weekend.  This is defined as:

Low likelihood of significant surface water impacts.

Unfortunately there is no more detailed information such as precisely where the rain will fall etc, but residents, especially those near the cam, should ensure they have sandbags and take precautions.