Fen Road level crossing safety

Cllr Manning has been meeting with local businesses, residents and Network Rail on site recently to discuss planned safety improvements to the crossing.

The concept is to widen the area enough to allow 2m paths on either side:  possibly by taking some land from the owners of the adjacent properties.  Discussions are now underway – Network Rail are to come up with detailed designs showing how much land will be needed, at which point negotiations with the landowners can start.

A follow up meeting is scheduled for the end of August.

Work begins to improve safety for Fen Road residents

Work has begun to improve the safety of residents living in Cambridge’s Fen Road after residents, councillors and council officers got together just weeks ago to discuss long-running issues.

Old wooden bollards at the Water Street and Water Lane junction have been replaced with metal ones in a bid to stop people sawing through them to get vehicle access to Fen Road.

The work was carried out by Cambridge City Council after resident Clare Blair requested the new bollards at the beginning of the year.

She said: “I am really pleased that only weeks after our well attended meeting about Fen Road we are already seeing action to improve safety for residents.”

Clare teamed up with Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Ian Manning, who represents East Chesterton to give residents a chance to have their say on how anti-social behaviour, speeding drivers and other problems, which had plagued residents for years could be solved.

“There is much more to be done,” added Clare, “but I am delighted to see that we have already been able to make a good start.”

The new bollards

Fen Road to be discussed at North Area Community Forum

Before Christmas, Councillor Manning and campaigner Clare Blair produced a paper documenting the many problems for residents in the Fen Road area of East Chesterton.

They secured a special slot at this weeks North Area Community Forum in order to get together all the relevant parties to try and find solutions.

The meeting will be at the Shirley School, Nuffield Road, starting at 1930.

The paper Clare and Ian wrote can be read here: 20111121FenRoad Proposals.

Cllr Manning urges residents to come to the meeting so they can put all their concerns directly to those in power, including the County Council’s cabinet member Cllr Ian Bates: “I’m very pleased Cllr Bates, who is new to the job, has agreed to come to this meeting to listen to residents’ concerns. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot and I hope we can agree some proposed solutions which he’ll be able to support.”

Clare Blair said the new station provided an exciting opportunity: “If we, as a community, can impress on officers and the ruling group at the County Council the need to act on the issues in this area, the new Station in Chesterton may well provide the means to enact change.”

The City’s MP Julian Huppert supports the pair in their efforts: “I applaud Ian and Clare on the work that has gone into this document. I hope residents will take this opportunity to make their views known so that a solution can be found quickly.”