Shahida Rahman: Lib Dem City Council candidate 2015

City Council Candidate 2015:  Shahida Rahman

City Council Candidate 2015: Shahida Rahman

We’re really pleased that local resident, Shahida Rahman is our candidate for the City Council this year.  Her biography is on our team page: .

Shahida and Ian have been working together for over a year on her campaign for our area.  As well as promising to look after the “business as usual” – roads, pavements, area improvements, safety, open spaces, housing etc etc – here are just some specific reasons to give your vote to her on May 7th:

1)  Save Our Streetlights!

Shahida and Ian are working on saving streetlights in residential streets, see for more detail, after Labour Cllrs just waived the plan through.  Shahida says:

We need to prioritise residential areas above non-residential areas, and ensure that, if lights have to be removed, some streets don’t suffer more than others.

Shahida presents her petition to staff at the Tesco Express store

Shahida presents her petition to staff at the Tesco Express store

2)  Improve the Tesco Express Pavement

Shahida explains her motivation for this campaign:

Isn’t the pavement outside Tesco Express steep?
For anyone who is less mobile – wheelchair users, those who are infirm for example – it’s really dangerous, especially in cold weather.

Ian was trying to work with Labour’s City Cllr to get this improved – so I was shocked when he told me she’s just given up, after being told by a Highways officer it would be expensive.

I firmly believe cost should not come before safety, and that we shouldn’t give up so easily! I agree with Ian that Tesco should be bearing part of the cost to level the pavement off – after all they will profit from people being able to get to the store more safely.

Shahida and Ian have been running a petition:  add your name at

3)  Green Up Green End Road!

Shahida has joined Cllr Ian Manning’s long running campaign to make the whole Green End Road area live up to its name.

With £20,000 allocated to come up with plans for residents to comment on, things are progressing.

The recent public meeting was very well attended, and we’re now looking to officers to come up with designs to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists – and greener too!

4)  Protect the future of our area:  managing Sepura’s move out of Cambridge

Last year your Lib Dem team helped residents manage the impact of the redevelopment of Elizabeth House, and this year there is a new potential challenge:

5)  Actively fighting the threat of commuter parking from the station

It is vital that:

  • the new foot/cycle bridge is built to discourage people driving to the new rail station through East Chesterton:
  • The size of the station car park is reviewed

6)  Fighting for residents rights on the Eastfield redevelopment

Shahida has been pressuring the Labour City Council to step up and ensure residents who want to move out of Eastfield, can do so now.  So far they’ve failed to help.


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