New Facilities for East Chesterton

Work starts on the new public spacePlans for the new river frontage public open space at the Vie development are now available. You can see them here.

Work has started on this wonderful new public open space and it will be a great addition to East Chesterton and link to the new Local Nature Reserve and sporting facilities on the other side of Riverside Bridge.

Christmas is coming

It is threatening to snow already even though it is only November and Christmas events are starting.

Xmas treeThe East Chesterton Christmas Tree will be up and the lights officially turned on by the Mayor on Wednesday 1 December at the Methodist Church in Green End Road from 6.00 pm.  There will be carols and refreshments and all three churches in East Chesterton will be taking part.  Father Christmas will also be coming!

Then on Thursday 16 December Chesterton Community Carols will take plaece on Chesterton Rec at 6.30 pm.  Last year this was a fantastic event and it started to snow just as it ended which rounded off a great evening.  Come and celebrate Christmas with a brass band on the Rec.

North Area Committee agreed to fund the Community Carol event last night – it is good to use grants to fund local events such as the Community Carol Service and Chesterton Festival, both of which were suggestions from residents.   So if you have a good idea, share it with us and let’s make it happen.

North Area Committee

Last night’s North Area Committee was good news for East Chesterton – the committee agreed to progress suggestions for spending developer gain money including cricket nets on Chesterton Rec and refurbishing Discovery Way play area.  Along with the improvements to Green End Road Rec, which should be in place by Christmas, the new football pitches and cricket wicket on Pye’s Pitch which will be completed in the Spring, the new play area on the Vie development and the river frontage site at the Vie, there is lots happening to offer new facilities for East Chesterton.

Don’t forget that if you have an idea about improvements, let us know and let’s make it happen.

Latest Plans

This is the first in a weekly series of posts listing local planning applications registered with the City Council. This week’s applications were registered between the 15th and 21st of November.

10/1127/FUL       27 Mortlock Avenue:  Building of two flats within the site of 27 Mortlock Avenue.

10/1130/FUL       20 Warren Road: Part single storey, part two storey side and rear extension.

10/1135/CL2PD   20 Warren Road: Application for Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 192 for construction of rear and side dormer, extension of SVP above ridge and construction of garden.

Much more information may be found on the City Council’s website.

Local Policing Priorities

Help the Cambridge Community Safety Partnership choose three priorities for the next financial year.


Representatives from the Partnership will attend this Thursday’s (25th November) North Area Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm in the Main Hall of the Manor Community College.

The following options will be presented. Three will be chosen when city-wide consultation is completed.

  • alcohol-related violence in the city centre
  • repeat incidents of domestic violence
  • cycle theft
  • repeat incidents of anti-social behaviour
  • re-offending

If you can’t attend the Area Committee Meeting you can still register your selection online via the Community Safety pages.

The survey closes on Friday 31st December 2010.

Chesterton Festival

The date for next year’s Chesterton Festival has been set for Friday 24 June – Sunday 26 June.  There is a regular steering group of up to 14 people who meet to arrange the Festival, including Clare for ward members.  It is really good to see so many people engaged in creating an event which has been very successful in the past two years, attracting many hundreds of visitors, raising thousands of pounds for local stall holders and also ensuring a great time is had by all.

There will be a evening event at Browns Field Community Centre on the Friday and the main event on Pye’s Rec on the Saturday.  This year traditional children’s races and a tug of war will be included in the main arena!

Swift Tower on Pye’s Pitch

Susannah Kerr and Roman Znajek on the Pye’s pitch
Cllrs Susannah Kerr and Roman Znajek on Pye’s pitch

There was an excellent response to the event on Riverside Bridge on Tuesday 16 November with the artist Andrew Merritt – comments such as:

  • Lovely idea
  • Excellent idea
  • Lovely idea
  • Excellent idea- need to provide alternative nest sites for swifts as traditional sites are lost
  • Yes – go for it

as well as support for the wider redevelopment of the river frontage sites, including cricket.  This will be two exceptional public open spaces by early summer, providing sporting and recreational facilities along with the extended local nature reserve.

The public consultation on the swift tower project runs until 26 November and information about it, including the concept, can be found here.

North Area Committee – 25th November

The next meeting of the City Council’s North Area Committee will be held at the Manor Community College on Thursday November 25th.

The planning part of the meeting starts at 6.30. The main meeting will start at 7.30, or follow on from the planning part, if that over-runs (unlikely as there’s only 1 planning application).

The agenda is here.

Cars under the Elizabeth Way Bridge

Cars parked in the underpassCars are being parked underneath Elizabeth Way Bridge, in the underpass linking Cutter Ferry Lane to Mariner’s Way and St Andrew’s Road. To get there they have to be driven over the pavement—sometimes they park on the pavement itself—and this is clearly highly undesirable for pedestrians and cyclists, including many school children, who use this route every day.

Local residents have suggested that a bollard should be installed on the footpath, and/or double yellow lines put on the road. And that a cycleway should be clearly marked out. The police won’t issue parking tickets unless the double yellow lines are in place, and won’t be around all the time to catch people driving over the pavements.

This isn’t one of the more attractive spots in our neighbourhood—a bit of a concrete desert in places—and councillors would like to do something to improve the area. But money is of course short, and the safety issue is paramount.