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CIty Council Candidate 2015:  Shahida Rahman

Shahida Rahman was born and raised in Cambridge. Her father came to Cambridge from Sylhet, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1957 and her mother arrived in 1963. Shahida is married with four children.

She has lived in East Chesterton for nearly 12 years.

Shahida is an award winning author, writer and publisher.  She is the Director of book publishing company, Perfect Publishers and the author of highly acclaimed novel Lascar.  She is a regular contributor to BBC local radio and has written for a number of magazines.


Tony Morris

Biography: Tony was an independent computing consultant while he was a County Councillor but when he left the Council he was able to indulge his passion for big boy’s toys – Steam Trains and Heavy Lorries. He worked as a long distance lorry driver covering the UK from Felixstowe, Dover and Immingham and also visited France, Belgium and Spain. His travels were interrupted by a period as an IT Officer, firstly at the University Department of Genetics and then at De Novo Pharmaceuticals, a research company doing “in silico” drug design, spun off from the University Department of Pharmacology.Tony first started campaigning in East Chesterton in the late 1980s with Roman Znajek. Roman was elected for the first time in 1991 and has represented East Chesterton since then except for a period when he lived in (and represented) Newnham. Tony is the candidate this time because Roman is not re-standing. While not a Councillor himself, Tony has continued to campaign for the long list of Councillors who have represented East Chesterton since 1993 including Julian Huppert who represented East Chesterton on the County Council for a period. He has also continued to campaign for a lot of mostly successful Prospective Parliamentary Candidates including Bob Russell in Colchester, Alan Dean in North West Cambs, Sebastian Kindersley in South Cambs, Sal Brinton in Watford and of course David Howarth and then Julian Huppert in Cambridge City.Tony finished lorry driving in early 2011 and has been brushing up his IT skills with a view to resuming his career as an independent computing consultant.
Postal Address: Bourne Road, Cambridge, CB
Telephone Number: 07709 283855
E-mail Address:

Roman Znajek

Biography: First elected to the City Council in 1991 (break in service from 1999 until 2010), Roman was raised in Barons Court, West London, of parents who came to this country as refugees from Poland in the 1940s. After school in Hammersmith he arrived at Cambridge as a student in 1969 and has never left. Roman has a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the Institute of Astronomy, where he discovered that black holes have an electromagnetic resistance of around 30 ohms. He was a Fellow of King’s, and later worked for the iconic Cambridge Phenomenon company Topexpress. He became the first Liberal Democrat to be elected as a councillor in East Chesterton, and helped to save Milton Road’s trees and verges from the depredations of the Tory County Council and the (then) Labour-controlled City Council. Roman enjoys swimming, cooking, crossword puzzles, Schopenhauer and opera. Roman stood down from the City Council in May 2012 for health reasons, and to pursue his academic interests, but remains on the local team in a supporting role.
Postal Address: 219 High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1NL
Telephone Number: 01223 369 310
E-mail Address:

County Councillor Ian Manning

Biography: Ian was elected to the County Council in 2010. He works in the IT department of Cambridge Assessment on the city’s Science Park and, has lived in East Chesterton since 2008. Working in the community, Ian helped to get Streetcar (now Zipcar) for the area and set up the VIE Residents’ Association. He also launched a website where residents can discuss and report issues on the estate.Ian believes a local councillor should be heavily involved in the local community and as such he is Secretary of Chesterton Community Association, and sits on the Chesterton Festival steering group (in 2011 he compered the whole festival) and well as being a part of Friends of Milton Road Library. More recently he has been one of the driving forces behind the new community newsletter which was first published in Dec 2011.Outside of politics Ian also maintains an occasional IT related blog here: He also does a lot of social dancing in blues, modern jive and west coast swing.
Web site:
Postal Address: 28 Pepys Court, Cambridge, CB4 1GF
Telephone Number: 07931 958 169
E-mail Address:

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