Chesterton-Abbey Foot/Cycle Bridge

This page will provide updates on the Lib Dems campaign to bring in a new Foot & Cycle Bridge over the river Cam.  This is designed to link the new rail station with the Newmarket Road area:  importantly for our area it will reduce the amount of commuter parking that could come East Chesterton’s way:  see to help our campaign!

The most recent public consultation event was on the 25th February.  Council officers have provided a list of answers to questions asked at that, which we are publishing here:

The list of questions and answers and the presentation slides at the meeting

A Strategic link

As much as it is important to East Chesterton specifically, this is important as a strategic North/South link.

It isn’t just about people who currently cycle or walk, either, it’s about people who don’t, and therefore won’t, to the new station, from the Newmarket Road area.

It’s also about people going from Histon and further into town, for whom cyclying becomes a more attractive option – as they don’t have to use roads (which they do via the Green Dragon Bridge).  The Green Dragon bridge (which is the bridge closeby) is at capacity in terms of journeys, and isn’t wide enough for the 1000s of extra trips that will result from the new station.

For pedestrians, especially anyone with mobility issues, we’re talking about a good 45minutes-1hr difference in a journey.

There are some concerns about environmental damage to the common, but Lib Dems believe these have been covered and should not stop the bridge goign ahead:

1) it’s perfectly possible to do a bridge sensitively. Knight’s Architects, who’ve just been appointed, only do bridges, so worth encouraging people to look at their website: . There will be another meeting at which they’ll be presenting in early May.
2) There will be some extra concrete on the common – it’s vital we have wider paths to the bridge to avoid pedestrian cycle conflict. This could be regarded as ‘environmental damage’ but think of the damage in extra car journeys of people driving to the new station or driving to Cambridge. Cycling and Walking are fundamentally green forms of transport and are friendly to the wider environment.
3) East Chesterton Lib Dems are pushing for more of the common on the far sides to be extended in order to replace small loss of grass because of widened paths – in an ideal world we’d have no net loss of green space, but that might not be possible

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