A Village Sign for Chesterton: supporting S106 from Elizabeth House funding the sign

Cllr Manning

Further to the news about Elizabeth House being bought and redeveloped: http://eastchesterton.mycouncillor.org.uk/2012/03/16/elisabeth-house-exhibition/ Cllr Manning has formally written to officers asking for the Public Art Contribution to fund the Chesterton Community Association’s village sign project.

A Copy of the letter is below:

I write to you as both a Ward Councillor for East Chesterton and the secretary of the Chesterton Community Association.

I want to suggest that any public art monies resulting from the upcoming revelopment of Elizabeth House, for which Colin Campbell is the agent, are directed to a very worthwhile project the Chesterton Community Association are pursuing to get a village sign(s) for Chesterton. I’ve also cc’d in Valerie Cutting, who is the Chair of the Community Association and Michael Bond who is the treasurer and founder in case they would like to input.

Some background to the project:

Chesterton was originally a clearly distinct area from Cambridge City Centre, and even to this day retains a character all of its own: from the yearly festival, to the local churches and pubs and many thriving community groups, the area has a real buzz about it, especially with the new rail station being announced.

There are threats to this sense of community however, and the Chesterton Community Association is working as a community ‘anchor’ with local groups to make sure Chesterton retains its unique identity; one such initiative is to get a village sign for the area to re-enforce the distinctive feel the area has.

Steps so far in the project

We’ve already run a “design your village sign competition” which got loads of entries from the community and the local primary school. We’ve taken these ideas and the committee is working with a local artist to come up with innovative designs for the actual sign – all that remains to make the project a reality is the funding for the actual materials.

The Future

It is for this that we would like the public art component of the S106 from Elizabeth House to be allocated: not only would it provide a wonderful piece of public art, but it would make the new entry to the area part of the existing community and provide a way of bringing old and new together.

Please let me know if there is anything more I can provide to make this happen.

Shirley School parking initial plans

Cllr Manning has recieved initial plans for the parking restrictions around the Shirley School, a result of a number of meetings he has held over the last year with the school, police and officers.

The plan can be viewed here: Shirley Sch_2.

In summary:

  • Restrictions at the junction of Laxton Way/Cam Causeway have been added.
  • Parking on Nuffield Road opposite the layby will be prohibited at the start and finish of the day.
  • A restriction around school car park entrance to deter people from parking here and at the first minor junction off Cam Causeway.
  • Prohibition of lorry parking in the lay-by is included.

Cllr Manning would welcome comments from local residents on the plans: “As with all parking restrictions, there is a balance to be found between too many restrictions which will be ignored and un-enforceable and too few which means parking is likely to be displaced and there will be an impact on neighbouring streets.”

Shirley School parking further progress

Cllr Manning met for the latest time with the Shirley School today to talk about progress around parking problems for surrounding streets.

With officers and Governors from the School an initial plan for parking restrictions was considered that will see double yellow lines around entrances to Laxton Way, Cam Causeway, along Nuffield Road outside the school, on at the entrances to Discovery Way and Pippin Drive.

Further to this those present considered introducing a 20 mph limit near the school.

“Lib Dems on the City Council are pushing for 20mph limits around Cambridge and this is another example of why this policy is needed.” said Cllr Manning.

Save the Dog n Pheasant!

As regular readers will know the Dog n Pheasant (more recently also know as Saigon City) is under threat of a planning application 12/0086/FUL to knock it down and build 11 dwellings and a retail unit.

Although the Haymaker’s, previously under threat, has been saved, with an offer to buy it accepted, the Dog n Pheasant still needs saving. Please sign the petition here:


Stourbridge & Riverside conservation area extended into Chesterton

On the 13th March 2012, the Central Conservation Area was extended in two areas. The proposed boundary change and appraisal for both the Riverside & Stourbridge Common and New Town & Glisson Road areas were approved.

This came after Cllr Roman Znajek intervened to make sure the process went through a proper consultation after he spotted it called “Riverside conservation area consultation” and was concerned that, as residents of East Chesterton hadn’t been fully consulted, this could mean the legal protections offered could be challenged.

A map of the new area, which now encompasses the area around the Penny Ferry and the front area of the VIE Development, can be found here: http://www.cambridge.gov.uk/public/pictures/central-conservation-area-map-001-3545.jpg.

Cllr Znajek commented “This is good news, and we hope that it may have some bearing on whether the Penny Ferry gets knocked down after the recent planning inspectorate decision to.”

North Area Fen Road steering group – first meeting

Tonight was the first meeting secured by Cllr Manning and the East Chesterton Liberal Democrats as a result of their campaign to get the new Station to benefit the area.

That campaign got a public meeting attended by over 100 people – http://eastchesterton.mycouncillor.org.uk/2012/01/26/lib-dems-tackle-fen-road-problems-head-on-for-residents/

The meeting was well attended by residents and Liberal Democrat Councillors.

Officers from the County Council Highways and City Council Planning presented various information to us about the desire for an access road:

  • From a planning perspective, Patsy Dell from the City Council explained that the Cambridge local plan will have a bearing on the overal situation and there are Governance agreements between the City, County and South Cambs.
  • Jeremy Smith, from highways stated again that the project will not prevent anything from being built.
  • Brain Stinton talked about what could be done down Fen Road itself to prevent speeding.

Cllr Manning pressed the point that many residents echoed: “No matter the complexities from the point of view of planning and integration between the different authorities, we absolutely must push and help officers to get the best result for local residents. I asked that there is a clear report back to the steering group on the vaiability or not of the two steering road options (onto the A14 and onto Cowley Road).”

There were also suggestions for underpasses and on Fen Road itself, it cost is a problem, to simply remove the current speed cushions. Cllr Znajek explained “It doesn’t matter how this is funded or who is doing it, we must get a benefit to locals from the area.

Cllr Manning also raised the issue of parking on Fen Road / satellite streets that might happen to avoid getting charged for using the station car park: “Officers have this in hand with their plans and we wait to see what they come back with.”

Cllr Manning is also concerned about possible plans to spend up to £1 million on a cycle bridge (either the Green Dragon or a new one) which he believes should be used in preference on Fen Road. He will be following this up with officers from highways.

Officers have taken away actions to draw up some high levels options for us to consider at the next meeting in a month’s time.

Brownsfield community planting day – 10th April

Cllr Ian Manning has worked with transition Cambridge to organise a community planting day at Brownsfields Youth Centre – to which all are welcome.

The planting will include herbs and edible flowers and is part of transitions project to encourage communities to produce their own food sources.

The day will be on the 10th April, where cllr manning and volunteers from transition will start prep work, with the community planting of the herb garden at 1pm.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing people there and producing something that doesn’t just look and smell nice – but tastes nice too!” Says cllr manning.

More details soon!

Lib Dems propose more environmental improvements

After learning that there was a small number of Environmental improvement projects for 2012-2013, Cllr Susannah Kerr got together with Cllrs Roman Znajek and Cllr Ian Manning to see what others they could make for East Chesterton.

The result is four more proposals for our area which we are publishing today:


“Out knowledge of the local area makes it easy for us to come up with ideas for improvements at short notice” says Cllr Kerr.

Proposed changes to Elizabeth House

There are proposals for the conversion of Elizabeth House, High Street Chesterton, into managed residential accommodation for students attending Cambridge Education Groups’s facilities in central Cambridge.

The firm developing the proposals, ZVI Construction Co. LLC, is hosting a drop-in session at St. Andrew’s Hall on Wednesday 14th March 2012 from 6.30pm until 9pm.

This will provide the opportunity to find out more about ZVI Construction, Cambridge Education Group and its need for managed accommodation, and the emerging proposals. Members of ZVI’s team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.