Shirley School parking initial plans

Cllr Manning has recieved initial plans for the parking restrictions around the Shirley School, a result of a number of meetings he has held over the last year with the school, police and officers.

The plan can be viewed here: Shirley Sch_2.

In summary:

  • Restrictions at the junction of Laxton Way/Cam Causeway have been added.
  • Parking on Nuffield Road opposite the layby will be prohibited at the start and finish of the day.
  • A restriction around school car park entrance to deter people from parking here and at the first minor junction off Cam Causeway.
  • Prohibition of lorry parking in the lay-by is included.

Cllr Manning would welcome comments from local residents on the plans: “As with all parking restrictions, there is a balance to be found between too many restrictions which will be ignored and un-enforceable and too few which means parking is likely to be displaced and there will be an impact on neighbouring streets.”

Shirley School parking further progress

Cllr Manning met for the latest time with the Shirley School today to talk about progress around parking problems for surrounding streets.

With officers and Governors from the School an initial plan for parking restrictions was considered that will see double yellow lines around entrances to Laxton Way, Cam Causeway, along Nuffield Road outside the school, on at the entrances to Discovery Way and Pippin Drive.

Further to this those present considered introducing a 20 mph limit near the school.

“Lib Dems on the City Council are pushing for 20mph limits around Cambridge and this is another example of why this policy is needed.” said Cllr Manning.

Shirley School traffic issues progress

Today Cllr Manning again met with the Head of the Shirley School and officers from the County Council and Police to follow up progress on the survey sent out via the School to parents.

“I’m pleased to say the school got over 30 responses from its survey to parents, with the majority sharing the concerns of residents about inconsiderate parking.”

Council officers are now working up a scheme of parking restrictions in the streets around the school. Cllr Manning is going to see if he can obtain funding for a lollypop person as attempts to get volunteers have failed.

“I’ve also asked CYPS if a volunteer could be found from projects within CYPS – and officers are taking this up.

Finally my suggestions around bollards for the lay-by have been taken up and I’ve asked if these could perhaps be delivered earlier rather than waiting to be part of the larger traffic management scheme which could take until October to get agreement about.”

Shirley school parking progress: questionaire sent out

Further to work to improve the parking situation around the Shirley School (

Cllr Manning drafted a survey which the school have edited and sent out to parents. “I’m pleased to see that the School are owning this issue.

It is important that we tackle this issue collaboratively without demonising the school or parents as I am confident this will give the best result for everyone.”

The ward team will feedback once the School has had responses to the survey

Shirley School parking

Cllr Ian Manning today met with the head teacher of the Shirley school, County officers and the Police to discuss issues around the new Shirley site and parking in Laxton Way and nearby roads.

Cllr Manning reports “We came up with a plan to look into survey parents at the school in order that they are consulted on any possible changes.

I have also suggested the use of rising bollards to prevent lorries parking in the school lay-by late at night, with the school caretaker holding the keys, something I’m pleased to say the head has taken on board, and that Highways don’t see a major issue with.

school blossoming on new site

East Chesterton County Councillor Ian Manning today visted the new site of the Shirley Primary School in the ward to meet Head Angela Leach and see how the brand new building is helping pupils to achieve success.

“The new building is a fantastically welcoming, light environment that will help staff to stimulate pupils’ learning.  I was also particuarly pleased to hear how volunteers from the The University of the Third Age are helping children with 1-1 reading.”

The school recently obtained Good scores from Ofsted and is the first school in the county to be award a prestigious national diversity award.

Ian will be looking in the coming year to see where he can work with the school to further achieve its mission – for example in ensuring the school can take part in the upcoming Chesterton Festival.

Public Meeting on Milton Road Library on 4 March

Have your say on the future of Milton Road Library

Chesterton Community Association has arranged a public meeting about the future of  Milton Road Library. It will be in St Andrew’s Hall, St Andrew’s Road, on Friday 4th March, at 7.15 pm  for a 7.45 pm start.

Michael Bond from the Old Chesterton Residents’ Association, and Richard Robertson from the Friends of Milton Road Library will present their groups’ plans for the future of the library, then Cllr Sir Peter Brown, Executive County Councillor for Community and Adult Services and Christine May (the head of the library service) will respond on behalf of the County Council. The meeting will be chaired by East Chesterton County Councillor Ian Manning.

Afterwards there will be time for public questions and then informal networking.

Please do come, as libraries in the City are under threat from the County Council budget – the more people who turn up the more chance we have of saving this vital service. Any queries please contact the CCA on