North Area Committee – Thu 27th September

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The next North Area committee will be at the Buchan Street Center, on Thursday 27th September.

The planning part of the meeting will start at 6.30, and will consider one application in Arbury, and one in West Chesterton.
The agenda for this part of the meeting is here.

The main part of the meeting will start at 7.30, and will have the regular report back from the Community Policing Team, and a workshop on the ‘Northern Corridor Area Transport Plan’, which, despite its rather dull title, will cover some of the strategic transport issues in our area.
The agenda for this part of the meeting is here.

North Area Committee – 26th July

NAC logoThe next North Area Committee will be at the Shirley School on Thursday 26th July.

The planning part of the meeting will start at 6.30; the main meeting starts at 7.30 and the agenda is here for the planning part of the meeting, and here for the main part.

Of particular interest this time will be the regular update from the Police, and the City Council’s Environmental Improvements Programme (EIP).

North Area Committee – Thurs 22nd March

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The next North Area Committee will be in the Centre Hall of the Shirley School, Nuffield Road, on Thursday 22nd of March.

The planning part of the meeting will start at 6.30pm, with the main meeting starting at 7.30pm, or as soon as the planning part finishes, if that over-runs.

The theme of the meeting will be TRANSPORT, with particular emphasis on the impact of the proposed new rail station on Chesterton Fen.

Also on the agenda:

  • Tree Planting Project – Parks and Open Spaces 2011/15
  • Update on Street Scene Issues
  • Environmental Improvement Programme (for decision)

The agenda for the main meeting is here.

This is your chance to get involved with your local councillors – you can even ask them questions!

Apply now for Area Committee Grants

Does your group want to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee or the 2012 Olympics?
Or organise a local event or festival?
Or prepare a newsletter for the local area?

Area Committees have previously funded trips and a range of community, sports and arts events and activities.

The closing date for applications for grants to be awarded at the North Area Committee meeting on 17th May is 31st March.

Download this leaflet for more information, including details of how to apply.

Police ‘drop in’ surgery at Arbury Court

The police hold a monthly ‘drop in’ surgery at Arbury Court on the last Wednesday of each month. Anyone can pop along and discuss any issues that they might have with officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing team.

The next session will be on Wednesday 29th February – its usually 1100am to 1.00pm.

Alternatively, if you cannot make the surgery, you can always send an Ecops message (see the Useful Link on the left) or phone the non-emergency number, 101.

Cambridge Half Marathon – Sunday 11th March

The Cambridge half-marathon will be taking place on Sunday 11th March, and a number of roads in the area will be closed or have restricted access until the afternoon. Residents who are directly affected should have already received a letter with details; but for people outside the immediate vicinity, we have posted a copy of the map that has been provided. You can also check the details on the organisers’ web site.

If there are any problems on the day, we would like to be informed: as always, our contact details are in the box on the right.

North Area Committee – 14th July

The next North Area Committee will be held on Thursday 14th July at the Buchan Street Community Centre. Note that this is a different venue from usual.

There are 3 planning applications to be considered starting at 6.30 – all in East Chesterton, with 2 relating to the same property. The main meeting starts at 7.30.

This meeting includes a discussion of possible Environmental Improvement Projects (EIPs), so if you have any ideas, do come along!

The agenda for the main meeting is here, while that for the planning part of the meeting is here.

Chesterton Station update

Julian Huppert MP in Cambridge’s only railway station, in the south of the city.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has kept up the pressure on all authorities involved in bringing a new railway station to Chesterton. As well as securing a parliamentary debate on the matter, Julian has met with the Rail Minister and discussed the proposals with the County Council and Network Rail.

The rail minister has agreed to visit Chesterton to have a look at the benefits that a railway station would bring, such as easing traffic congestion and supporting high-tech businesses in north Cambridge.

County Councillor Ian Manning welcomes the work Julian is doing “It is brilliant to see our MP fighting hard for his old constituency to get this station, and I’ll be supporting him any way I can.”

Elizabeth Way pelican near Montague Road

We have received the following email from the County Council:

On Tuesday morning it was reported to the County’s Traffic Signal Team that the crossing on Elizabeth Way was not operating. Our contractor has tried fitting a number of spare parts but has had much difficulty in sourcing a working circuit board for this now obsolete equipment. As some background the control equipment was replaced in 2002 after a fault with the previous controller but most of the current street equipment was installed in the 1980s, now being well beyond its 15 year design life.
I’m pleased to report that a further visit has been made this morning and the crossing is now on and working.

If these lights fail again, let us know.

Strawberry Fair – “A Success”

Strawberry Fair - performers

Performers & audience at the Strawberry Fair

In a press release, Cambridge City Council has said it is pleased with the success of Strawberry Fair on Midsummer Common on Saturday.

The council has received initial feedback from key stakeholders that indicates the event was exceptionally well attended and was more family orientated, with people of all ages enjoying the diverse range of entertainment and stalls.

The council has only received a handful of complaints from local residents so far.

Councillor Rod Cantrill, Executive Councillor for Arts Sports and Public Places, said: “Strawberry Fair is an important independent event on Cambridge’s cultural calendar, that the city council values and our support reflects this and our responsibility to the local community.”

“I am pleased that the event went off in a safe and enjoyable way without constraining the lives of other residents or visitors.”

“The measures taken by the Strawberry Fair Committee to refocus the event seem to have worked well, and they should be congratulated for all their hard work.”

Councillor Jean Swanson, Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services, said: “As with any event of this scale in the city, extensive support was provided by council staff from a number of areas to ensure that the event was a success.”

West Chesterton Councillor Max Boyce said, “I went to the Fair with my son for lunch, and walked home through the De Freville Estate afterwards. It seemed quieter than on a normal saturday, owing to the closure of the Fort St George bridge. There were a few bemused cyclists who didn’t know about the closure – perhaps next year there should be better signage at the entrances to the estate.”

The council liaised closely with the Strawberry Fair Committee and police prior to the event and provided a range of support across the weekend to ensure the potential negative impact to local people and the environment was minimised. In addition to supporting work on the extensive post-event clean up, extra council staff were deployed to keep parks and streets litter-free, prevent camping, monitor noise and food hygiene and support the police “community hub” in coordinating responses to queries and complaints.

If you have any comments on how this year’s Strawberry Fair went, please do get in touch with your local Councillors – our contact details are on the right.