April Streetlighting changes

Update 2015-05-29


Lights saved!


Update 2015-04-15

We’ve passed an alternative plan to BB to save a large number of lights.  We need them to give an opinion first, then we’ll make public.

Update 2015-04-02

The public meeting on Tuesday was well attended, and we’ve had a number of responses from those who couldn’t make it.  We’re working on an alternative proposal to take to Balfour Beatty that we hope to have ready for next week.

Public Meeting:  Tuesday 31st March, drop in anytime between 1900-2100.

Shahida Rahman, Lib Dem City Council candidate, writes:

In 2009, the then Conservative Controlled County Council signed a contract with private firm Balfour Beatty, to take over maintenance of Cambridgeshire streetlights.  The immediate impact is that approximately 10% of lights will be removed, and others will be replaced with more modern white lights

AN ideal location to see the comparison is the junction of Bourne Road and Fairbairn Road.

We will be updating residents via this page on any proposals to change the Balfour Beatty plan for which street lights are removed.

Cllr Ian Manning can ask that lights are retained, but we need to specify other lights to be removed in their place.

Balfour Beatty provide a more detailed guide which you can read here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LcQO_Vf9_faUgzYk1xeTg2enM/view?usp=sharing

The guideline criteria for column removal can be read here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LcQO_Vf9_fODR1UDZPQUo0RkE/view?usp=sharing

Update:  2015-03-27

It is our intention to present an alternative set of proposals – removing some lights not proposed to be removed in order to save ones that are – at our meeting on the 31st March.

The list of roads affected is shown below, in simplified diagrams:  red dots indicate lights which are marked for removal.

Those with a more technical interest, or interested in identifying possible alternative lights for removal, see this folder, which has all the original diagrams in it.

4 thoughts on “April Streetlighting changes

  1. John Mason says:

    Have Balfour-Beatty actually carried out this survey in the dark to realise the impact this ridiculous plan will have? Are they responsible under this daft contract if they leave streets inadequately lit? In Mortlock Avenue they are proprosing to remove 50% of the roadside lights. That isn’t 1 in 10.

    • Ian Manning says:


      I think we need say that the people at fault here at those that signed this contract – BB are just carrying out that contract.

      That said, the distribution is very uneven – some streets losing less than 10% and some loosing much more.

      By my calculation we’re loosing more than 10% across East Chesterton in this tranche – something I’m query as well.

      That said, bottom line is we need to find alternative lights to go – so if you can identify which lights are a priority to stay please let us know.

  2. Dave Arrowsmith says:

    Re street light changes, I strongly object to removal of CC2 in Pakenham Close. Apart from lighting the road & footpath, it also lights the area immediately behind which is open space in front of garage block and behind that footpath from Pakenham Close to Kinross Road. The footpath is well used and lacks its own lighting, and the area in front of garages is sometimes used for ‘interesting’ dealings.

    • Ian Manning says:

      We understand Dave – we were delivering the letters in the dark last night and I was lucky not to rick my ankle.

      However, the problem still remains because of this disastrous contract, we need to find a light elsewhere to remove in its place.

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