Water Lane update – Archaeology report

The re-development of housing at Water Lane was held up recently because of archaeological findings.  Whilst we wait for a full report from officers, residents might find this interim report/pictures interesting:

Between the 22nd July and the 7th August a team from Pre-Construct Archaeology excavated a site prior to development at Water Lane, Chesterton. The excavation revealed evidence for people living on and utilising the site from the Late Saxon period right up to the present day. The archaeological team found the remains of the everyday items people would have used on a daily basis, as well as the waste from the food they ate.

Remains included medieval pits and ditches, large post-medieval quarry pits used for the extraction of gravels and evidence of a building which is shown on the mid 19th century maps.

Stone tools found throughout the site and a small ditch containing animal skulls offered a tantalising glimpse of a much older presence on the site. The prehistoric finds may provide a connection to the nearby river stretching back thousands of years.

Further analysis will take place over the next few months with specialists looking at the various finds retrieved from the site providing us with dates and interpretations which we will combine into a report.

DSCF3816 DSCF3990


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