Thank You!

“Thank you to everyone who supported me,” says Ian Manning, East Chesterton’s new Lib Dem County Councillor.
The Lib Dems won the County Council seat with over 40% of the vote.

Ian Manning increased the Lib Dem vote and pushed the Conservatives into third place – defying pollsters who predicted a two horse race between the parties.

The Conservatives now languish in third place, trailing Labour by over 300 votes.

“I’m incredibly grateful to the people of East Chesterton for placing their trust in me and the Lib Dems to represent them once again at county level” said new councillor Ian Manning.

The result of the election was:
Ian Manning (Lib Dem) – 832 votes
Labour – 663
Conservative – 334
Green – 117
Cambridge Socialists – 53
UKIP – 37

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